Have The Talk. It’s Worth It,

‘Cause They’re Worth It!

Teens want to hear about sex from you —
their parents and other trusted adults.

We are proud to sponsor the “have the talk” campaign for parents of teens in the counties of New Jersey. Our goal is to empower caregivers like you to have an ongoing dialogue with your teens and pre-teens about healthy sexuality, as a way to reduce unintended pregnancies, sexually-transmitted infections and other negative life and health outcomes. These counties have some of the highest STI rates among youth across the state, so it’s time for our families to take control and take action.

We’re here to help with that process, by offering engaged parents the information and support they need to be a great communicator about sex and sexuality. This is a place to watch parenting videos to learn new skills, connect with other parents like you and share what you know and have learned. It’s a growth and learning opportunity to help us be even better parents!