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Now that you understand why having “the talk” with your teen is important, here is the place for “how,” informational videos and other resources that help you do it. This is the place where you can see what “having the talk” is all about…

  • Watch Webisodes of our entertaining drama, “Real Talk“
  • Are you a Passive, Aggressive or Assertive communicator? Understand the differences.
  • See videos of other Southern New Jersey parents discussing how having the talk helps them counter negative influences outside their home and in popular media.
  • Learn how to you can more effectively monitor your child, while also enhancing your relationship. If you love your teen, check on them.
  • Form a better, less stressful relationship with your teen.
  • Get real advice from other parents to help you find the right words when you need them.
  • Download talking points, tips, and advice to use during the talk. (Coming Soon)

Get the information that you need to effectively share your values and expectations about sex — whatever they are — with your teen. So they can hear your voice — and your heart.


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